Maui Bike Park trail

Welcome To The Maui Bike Park

Krank Cycles is the closest bike shop to Maui Bike Park. Our store is an easy, 10-minute pedal to the bike park’s miles of trails that traverse 80 acres of forests, meadow and farmland. Maui Bike Park is often the first place that’s rideable after a rainstorm when conditions are less than ideal at the other nearby trails. (We get a lot of rain in Upcountry!) Mellow trails that pass through tropical landscapes to flow trails and pump tracks, the terrain at the park is suitable for every rider’s ability level. Because our shop is only a 5 minute pedal away, our half or full day bike rentals (helmet included!) allow you to maximize your rental time on the bike.

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Bike Park Maui

The Maui Bike Park is a privately owned and maintained facility. All the trails are on the 80-acre property of UliUli Farms, which along with the trails are home to two separate farms.

A daily pass to ride the park is $15 per rider. Riders ages 17 and under ride for $10 a day. Close-toed shoes and helmets are required. Most riders spend about 3 to 4 hours riding the trails however, a very fit and experienced rider could ride all the terrain and trails in about an hour. But why rush? There are some sweet downhill flow trails–trails that feel like you’re riding a roller coaster–and trails that provide beautiful views of Maui’s North Shore.

The bike park is located on Baldwin Avenue just down downhill from Krank Cycles location on Makawao Avenue in Makawao Town. Like we said before, it does rain in Upcountry and even though the park dries out quickly, sometimes the trails can close due to wet weather in order to protect the terrain. Check the Maui Bike Park trail conditions.