Dirt Jumper Bike Rentals

dirt jumper bikesHuge Mounds Of Dirt? Problem Solved.

Krank Cycles rents dirt jumper bikes. Our store is located within a 10-minute pedal to the Maui Bike Park and a 10-minute drive to the Makawao Forest Reserve, and both places have pump tracks that are prime for dirt jumper bikes.

What’s a dirt jumper bike? These machines look like mountain bikes, but have a low stand-over and often times only have a single rear brake. Most have front suspension forks. Some dirt jumper bikes have gears while others just have a single speed. Dirt jumper frames have stronger welds to hold up to the force put onto the frame when landing a from a jump.

Our rental inventory is ever-changing, but currently we have the following bikes available for rent for full or half day rates:

Renting a dirt jumper bike isn’t just for visitors to the island. Taking out a rental dirt jump bike is a good way to try the sport for the first time or try a specific model of bike before purchasing.

Dirt Jumper Bike RentalDirt jumping evolved from BMX and mountain bike racing. But, unlike those two riding disciplines, dirt jumping isn’t about speed it’s about jump heights and the style of tricks a rider can perform. There are many different types of jumps used in dirt jumping, including: Tabletops, rollers, step ups and whoops–all which we have (and more) at the Makawao Forest Reserve or at the Maui Bike Park. There are three separate dirt jump and skills areas each with progressively more difficult jumps and terrain.

This class of bike are very popular among a broad range of age groups. And, because the riding areas for dirt jumping Makawao Forest Reserve Trails are set up for first time riders to experts, its an activity nearly everyone can enjoy.