Cross Country Bike Rentals

Many people ask, What Is An XC Bike?

Cross Country BikeWhen our customers come looking for a mountain bike or purchase, they often ask: what is a cross country bike and why is it different from other mountain bikes? Cross country bikes are typically lighter than other mountain bikes, they have front suspension forks or no suspension, and are made to go up and down hills efficiently.

We rent Raleigh Tokul cross country bikes. The best answer to what is a cross country bike comes from the terrain that the bike will be used for. Cross country trails include moderate trails to the pavement that connects them. These bikes handle well on rough paths and single tracks (and they handle great biking down Maui’s volcano Haleakala). Riders usually look for a heavier mountain bike with longer-travel suspension when the trails become very rough and are rated difficult for experienced riders.

XC Bike rentalOur Cannondale cross country bikes are set up with a single chain ring in front and 11 speeds in the rear. The rider had all the gears he or she needs and just having a single chain ring in the front saves a lot of weight compared to having two or three chain rings. There’s also only one right-hand rear shifter, which also saves weight. A single shifter is much more simple for those who are new to mountain biking or who are still beginners.

Cross country mountain biking is the most typical type of off-road riding, but it’s not the most publicized. Downhill mountain biking competitions and races are usually what is shown on television because they are much more action packed than cross country races. Krank Cycles also rents downhill and all-mountain types of mountain bikes including the Intense Tracer T275, Kona Process, and Devinci Troy.