E bike Rental / Pedal Assist Benefits and Explanations

Although they have been around for several years now, compared to traditional road, mountain and hybrid bikes and e-bikes are the relative “new kids” in the bike shop. 

Although they can also fall into the above riding categories, e-bikes / pedal-assist bikes also make up an entire class of their own.

Benefits of e-bike rental on Maui

The many benefits of e-bike rental on Maui make them an exciting addition to the bicycle family lineup.

Particularly here in Maui, where the focus on preserving the environment is so important, e-bikes offer a wonderfully easy to get from point A to point B, emissions-free!

e bike rental

This means less fossil fuel use and a cleaner method of transporting yourself to the grocery store, to the beach, and along the stunning coastlines.

Ride to watch the sunset instead of driving, or take a sunrise pedal to Ho’okipa beach, just cruising comfortably along on your class 1 or class 2 pedal assist e bike!  You can get this bike from Krank Cycle e bike rental on Maui.

Because e-bikes are pedal-assist, that means that they don’t require an operating license or registration to ride; they are technically considered bicycles. This makes them an option for riders of all ages and abilities.

Particularly exciting is the way they provide an opportunity for riders of any and all fitness levels to get outside, have fun and enjoy a healthy sport with their friends and families!

The rental options and offerings at Krank Cycles Makawao and Krank Cycles Airport in Kahului allow for a single rider or families to be able to easily tackle epic rides.

This include rides such as the road to Hana, the West Maui loop, and the ride from Paia (don’t forget to stop in and check out the awesome health food store, Mana!)  to Haleakala without having to train for months in advance: with carbon fiber Orbea road bikes with extended battery range, the ride becomes so much more fun, fast and enjoyable! 

A misconception of e-bikes that many people have is that with a pedal-assist bike, they won’t still get the workout and fitness benefits of a standard, analog bicycle but this is simply not true! Pedal-assist means just that: when you pedal, the bike just helps you a little.

Classes of e-bikes

There are two main classes of e-bikes that you will find on Maui.

Class 1: This is a pedal-assist bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and stops providing assistance once the rider reaches a speed of 20 miles an hour.

You can go faster; it just won’t help anymore. Legally these bikes can be ridden anywhere a regular bike can. You can get this bike from Krank Cycle e bike rental on Maui.

Class 2: This is a pedal-assist bicycle that has a pedal-assist motor that will help the rider reach a speed up to 28 miles an hour (!!wheeee!!) before the assistance from the motor stops helping.

Legally, it is recommended that these bikes stick to the bike lanes and the roads or keep to 20 mph for the safety of riding on a bike path. You can get this bike from Krank Cycle e bike rental on Maui.

E bike rentel have made the wonderful benefits of cycling available to a much larger population of people; now people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities can access the health, fitness, and environmental benefits of cycling, not to mention being able to avoid traffic congestion and parking hassles in Maui’s small towns and beaches!

Local bikes shops like Krank Cycles that are well stocked in mountain, road, comfort, and hybrid bikes will be happy to explain the different offerings from Giant, Orbea, Momentum Santa Cruz, and more and get you comfortable on a fun, safe test ride so you can fall in love with cycling for the first time, or all over again!