Karl Hagen Pre-trial Hearing Tomorrow!!

Please go and support this and his family!!


Here is a letter from Karl’s wife yesterday..

I wanted to update you all on the upcoming pre trial hearing this
Thursday, the 19th. The hearing will take place in courtroom #4, 4th floor
of the courthouse at 2145 Main Street Wailuku. The day’s proceedings will
start at 8:00 am. As you know, we won’t know when Karl’s case will be
called, but my understanding is that all cases should be called and
completed within two hours.
The prosecuting attorney has told me that after reviewing the case, the
defendant’s history, including other charges he currently has pending, and
discussion with his attorney, she is fairly confident that his attorney will
encourage him to take a plea offer rather than go to trial. The plea offer
she has suggested is sound. However, she does not expect to extend the offer
this Thursday. She feels the defense attorney will ask the judge for more
time to review any plea offers with her client.
Especially because of the real possibility that there won’t be a
trial, the prosecutor indicated that our presence at the hearing can make a
significant impact when it comes time for sentencing. Our attendance will
not go unnoticed.
To all of Karl’s friends and fellow cyclists, thank you so much for
your continued support. I am sorry if I’ve missed anyone, if you know of
others that are interested in attending or would just like the update,
please feel free to share.

Our sincerest gratitude,

Robin, Ariel and Michaela

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