Maui Bicycle Rentals: How To Make The Most of Them!

When was the last time you picked some Maui bicycle rentals?

How long has it been since you felt the freedom of two wheels like you did when you were a kid?  Not worrying about driving, not needing to figure out where to park or how to ensure the car just hopping on a bicycle and pedaling off towards whatever adventure the day might bring? 

Isn’t it time to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face again, just like those carefree days of your childhood?  Well, do we have some great news for you! Not only is Maui just might be one of the most beautiful, accessible, and easy islands to cycle in Hawaii.  

Why choose Maui bicycle rentals?

With so much hype around golfing, surfing, snorkeling, kite boarding, and windsurfing, cycling is an activity that often finds itself a smaller blip on the Things To Do On Maui radar.

But this underappreciated gem will unlock so many beautiful, visual jewels of the island should you choose to explore Maui at the speed of a bike. 

maui bike rentals 1

Maui bicycle rental services have various bikes

The great news is that no matter when or what kind of bike riding you’d like to experience there is a multitude of bike shops on the Island that are equipped and eager to help you get all of the smile per mile that Maui roads, trails, and bike paths can offer. 

Krank Cycles has two locations perfectly situated to accommodate your rental needs. They can answer all of your questions and send you off with excellent directions.

Maui bicycle rentals are available at the airport

The Krank location right near the Kahului Airport (and the bike path/ Greenway) is a great spot to start your Maui holiday and offers a wide selection of both carbon pedal-assist e-bikes and high-end carbon fiber analog road bikes. 

Their airport proximity makes it super easy to pick up and drop off the bikes. They provide all of the equipment you need to just pedal out the door. This includes helmets, repair kits, and pedals are all stock with the rentals.  

The Krank Cycles location near the Makawao forest also boasts a great selection of road bikes. This includes some seriously high-end full suspension and hardtail mountain bike shredders from brands like Ibis, Giant, Diamondback, Orbea, and Cannondale. 

This family-friendly business has a great size range and selection so that there are sure to be enough bikes to go around, too!  

Maui bike rentals are available online

For both  Krank Cycle shops, the reservation system online is super easy to navigate. You just need to know when you’ll want to pedal off, how many days you might want the bikes and what sizes you and your group/family will need.  Any questions?  Just give them a call and someone can help you figure out the details you might be unsure of. 

If you are bike-curious and live on the island, or are visiting Maui for a well-deserved and needed vacation, make sure to check out these upcountry shops and rent a few bikes. 

Enjoy easier access to Maui rare gems

Maui bicycle rentals will give you better access to all the places you want to see, all at your own pace. From the second you pedal out the door, you won’t be able to help the kid in you from cracking a wide grin.  Ride with Mahalo in Maui – it’s the best way to travel.