The Most Thrilling Maui Bike Trails To Explore

What are the most breathtaking Maui bike trails to explore?

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when “Maui” is mentioned, mountain biking has become increasingly more prevalent in the Maui outdoor culture.

Boasting a rich and diverse number of bike shops for an island that is only 727 sq miles, it’s clear that two wheels have fast become a favorite way to play, and mountain biking is taking the lead with trails and top of the line rental shops like Krank Cycles, Maui, helping lead the charge.

Exciting Maui Bike Trails To Explore

A collective effort from volunteers has resulted in some amazing trail networks and sweet rides: here are just a few of the local’s favorite ways to get their tires dirty and their endorphins kicking.


This amazing preserve spanning 2093 acres is located on the northwest slope of Haleakala, just outside the small town of Makawao. This awesome trail network is only 2.4 miles away from the front door of one of the best bike shops in Maui, Krank Cycles.


Maui Bike Trails


If you need a high-end mountain bike to rent or want to talk to the folks who helped build the trails, this is your go-to shop. The Krank Cycles crew knows and loves these trails and can help you with any questions or directions you might have!


For those who like to climb, we recommend the Kahakapao Loop trails. There is an option to do the Kahakapao Loop East trail or the Kahakapao Loop West trail. 

Both trails quite climb and will take you between approximately 825ft to 875ft in just over 2 miles. Although there aren’t a lot of technical features, the trails can get quite slippery when wet.

Renegade Trail and The Pineapple Express

For more advanced riders, the Renegade Trail and The Pineapple Express are trails that will leave you wanting to do lap after lap after lap.  These technical trails boast some amazing jumps, berms, and wall rides that are sure to get your wiggles out and your tail whips on. 

The coolest thing about these trails is that if a few of the features are beyond your comfort level, there’s always an out. Which is to say, if you (or your riding partner) don’t feel like catching air, you don’t have to.  The ride will be a blast either way! Renegade Trail and The Pineapple Express are some of the most exciting Maui bike trails to explore.


For the downhill shredder in the group, the Mamane Trail is a rush that should be experienced. Descending more than 1.8 miles in over 800 ft, this trail becomes faster and more technical the closer to the bottom you get. 

Please make sure you have the proper full suspension bike and riding equipment before getting a taste of this trail, or you might literally “get a taste of the trail. The Kula Forest Reserve is one of the most exciting Maui bike trails to explore.

Maui bike trails: Redwood Trail

Those fitness-minded riders who are more into leg-burning cross-country climbs may find the Redwood Trail right up their alley.  After a beautiful and very rooty technical descent down into the park, the climber’s delight REALLY begins. There are two options to take to climb out, and both will feed the need for the climber who enjoys a challenge. Red wood trail is one of the most exciting Maui bike trails to explore.

Maui bike trails: Waiakea Loop

For riders looking for a nice loop to cruise, the Waiakea Loop is the perfect way to spend a day in the woods. A self-contained loop means that the elevation challenges of the Redwood Trail are passed in favor of some slightly technical single track and shorter, punchier climbs.