Things To Know About Maui Electric Bike Rentals

Biking around Maui is an enjoyable activity every tourist should experience, especially for those who want to get their exercise in while on vacation. And to kick things up a notch, Maui electric bike rentals are worth checking out!

That in mind, if you’ve never ridden an electric bike before, here are a few things to know.

Electric bikes have extra components

At first glance, electric bikes look a lot like regular bikes. However, you will notice that it has a few extra components. An e-bike has a motor and a battery pack added to it. These are usually attached to the down tube of a bike. In others, they are underneath the carrier, usually above the back tire. You can also find a throttle and an LCD screen attached to one of the handlebars. The throttle triggers the motor to add power and the LCD console tracks your speed, the bike’s battery level, and more. 

They are heavier than standard bikes

This is not surprising, as the extra components mentioned earlier will add a bit of weight to the bike. For example, the motor alone can weigh around 8 to 10 pounds, while the battery pack averages 6 to 8 pounds. So while a typical road bike can weigh approximately 20 pounds and a mountain bike can be around 30 pounds, an electric bike’s weight can go from 50-70 pounds! Riding the bike, though, you won’t feel the weight difference. But try walking it or lifting it, and you’ll feel the heft.

The battery pack can last quite a while

Usually, Maui electric bike rentals are charged full capacity before handing them off to the renter. Generally, a fully charged electric bike can last 10 to 60 miles. But how long the power lasts will depend on some factors. For instance, how often you pedal the bike yourself or rely on the motor. The route you take also affects it. Are you riding down a relatively flat road, or do you go uphill a lot? Also, you can check your electric bike’s LCD console to see how much juice you still got left.

You can still exercise with an electric bike

An electric bike still includes pedals to use as a regular bike. So you can choose to save the bike’s battery by pedaling it yourself. This is ideal when riding down a flat road or highway and only using the motor when biking up hills and other elevations. And if your trail outlasts your electric bike’s battery, the return trip will feel more like a typical bike ride.

Electric bikes are a bit more costly to rent

For Maui electric bike rentals, expect to pay more compared to when renting a standard bike. The base model can be more expensive, not to mention the maintenance needed for the motor and the battery pack. Rental prices can vary by location, but some shops will likely offer discounts for longer rentals, so make sure to ask. But the moment you ride one, you will think that the price will be worth it!

Maui electric bike rentals from Krank Maui

Much like riding a standard bicycle, Maui electric bike rentals are a fun and accessible way to get around the island of Maui, but with the added boost in power thanks to its electric motor. So if you’re keen on trying out this eco-friendly transportation option, check out our affordable electric bike rentals here at Krank Maui!

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