Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Thrilling Maui Bike Rides

Have you ever thought about going on Maui bike rides?

Heading to Maui for a business trip? Maybe you are finally taking that family vacation of a lifetime to  Hawaii, and Maui is one of your destination locations on the Hawaiian islands. 

Heck, maybe you are treating yourself to a quick restorative trip, escaping those winter doldrums and the gray skies of the mainland. Or maybe you live on the Big Island and you’ve decided to take a quick flight from Kona to Maui, just for a quick change of scenery. 

Regardless of why you find yourself in Maui, you may find yourself thinking outside the box for something unique to do while you’re here.  If you aren’t a golfer, a surfer or a  snorkeler you may wonder:  What else is there to do outside?  Where should I go? 

Experience the best of Maui Bike Rides

Well, there is a great option for outdoor-minded people on Maui. Although Maui may be number two in island size, it is most certainly number one for cycling. 

Maui Road Rides 12

Cycling enthusiasts and novices alike can come to explore all the island has to offer by riding one or all of Maui’s legendary road rides.  The best part is that the hassle of packing and traveling or flying with your own bike is not only unnecessary but maybe even preferable! 

With incredible high-end road bike rental options from shops like Krank Cycles, you can land at the OGG Kahului Airport, and head right over to Krank’s airport located just minutes away. 

Here, you will be able to rent by the day, or weekly, a high-end performance road bike of your choice!  With full-size runs of carbon Di2 and e-tap road bikes from Orbea and BMC, even the most high-end cyclist need only think about bringing their favorite pedals along with them.  (Krank even has a wide selection of rental pedals though, so even that isn’t requisite!). 

For travelers who are ebike- curious, or those with a limited amount of time but ambitious mileage or riding goals, renting the new Orbea Gain carbon pedal assist e-bike could be a great option:  at 22 lbs and with the option of an additional battery pack for extended mileage, it’s hard to beat for a fun, fast spin around the island.

Once you have your equipment ready to ride and roll, there are several awesome routes to choose from, depending on the distance and direction you’d like to go. Some of our favorites are listed below.

South Maui Bike Rides:

Polo Beach to Ahihi Kinaui 

These bike rides provide amazing ocean views and will take you past the place where Maui’s last known lava flow occurred. This is an  out and back  ride, approx 10 miles

Kihei to Wailuku 

This is another beautiful ocean view to pedal along. There are several rolling hills to enjoy climbing up, coasting down, or both (depending upon the type of riding you prefer) this is a loop with the finishing section on the Mokulele Bike Path


Lahaina to  Kapalua 

This moderate distance loop (approx 25 miles) follows  Honoapilani Highway to  Kapalua. A good way to see a different perspective of Maui and get in the riding groove with mild to moderate climbs along the way.


Sea Level  to the Summit  of Haleakala

This ride is one of the most iconic and the most challenging rides most cyclists will undertake. Make no mistake about it, this is a full day of riding:  you will climb approx 10,000ft in 36 miles. The glorious views and incredible scenery will repay the effort in spades, and the satisfaction of the climb is pure bliss!  

Krank  Cycles to Paia

Starting at the Krank Cycles location in the quaint cowboy town of Makawao, roll out the door and down Baldwin Ave, through the small downtown area.

This is a nice and easy cruise with no need to pay much attention: just meander through a beautiful, lush landscape about 6 miles to the beach town of  Paia. A perfect recovery ride or easy cruise through paradise.  

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