Here’s Why OGG Bike Rentals Are The Best!

Have you ever thought about going for some OGG bike rentals when on Maui?

Traveling to Maui for business, pleasure, or both involves some planning to ensure that you get the most out of the free time you have on the island.

With such a magnificent backdrop, Maui is sure to have almost everyone seeking out the best ways to play outdoors. For fitness enthusiasts and casual recreationalists alike, Maui is a unique hub with numerous activities to choose from.

Why you should opt for OGG bike rentals

The following are key reasons to opt for OGG bike rental services:

OGG bike rentals are more convenient

After flying into the Kahului OGG Airport, it is easy to make a quick stop at the Krank Cycles Airport location. It’s just a 2 mile (approximately 8-minute drive) away. 

ogg bike rentals

If you have already determined that you want to experience a few of the epic road routes available, you might even book your high-end carbon road bikes. You can do this while you’re waiting for your bags at the airport carousel. Then pop into the shop for a final fitting and pick up before you head to your hotel or Airbnb.

Our OGG bike rentals service team offers great support

If you are just trying to get a feel for the island, this OGG location will also be there with a friendly sales and service team. We would be happy to orient you & point you in the right direction, even if it is to the closest beach.

Range of bikes for rent

Not too far from the convenient Krank Cycles pick up and drop off location is Maui Sunriders in Paia.  They, along with West Maui Cycling in Lahaina have a wide range of cruisers. Mountain and road bikes that you can rent for a day’s excursion. You can ride to the not to be missed 24-mile Haleakalah ride from the top, the Road to Hana, or West Maui Loop.

OGG bike rentals services are easier

For the mountain bikers in the group, the flagship shop for the Krank Cycles Airport location, Krank Cycles Makawao, provides the same ease of rental reservations as the Airport location. It features a slightly larger mountain bike offering as well as being only 2.4 miles from the trailhead to some of the best singletrack on the island.

With the Greenway right near the Krank Cycles Airport location, a fun day for the family or an individual wanting to shake the altitude out of their legs could be renting some e-bikes. You can do this to take all of the hard work out of pedaling while offering ease into fitness and a beautiful view of Maui that allows for car-free cruising.

There are several shops within a 15-20 minute driving distance of the airport. But by far the Krank Cycles location offers the most seamless exchange for rental pick-ups and drop-offs. This is why you shouldn’t miss out on OGG bike rentals. 

Professional maintenance services

For those who brought their bikes with them, and need them built back up after the flight, or packed up for the next flight out of OGG, this shop has the capability and detail-oriented mechanics to take care of whatever you need.  This is one of the key reasons to choose OGG bike rentals. 

Flying to Maui should be a joyful experience.  With high-level shops near the airport to attend to your bike needs, we’re sure your time on two wheels in Maui will be exceptional.