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Skyline Trail Maui

It’s Everything You’ve Heard & More

Molokini-Krank-CyclesThis trail begins at the summit of the dormant volcano known as Haleakala. One of the most sought after downhill mountain bike trails in the world, the Skyline Trail Maui has so much to offer. With breathtaking views of Maui’s grandeur, neighboring islands Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai and the Molokini Crater. This Skyline Trail is a must add to your bucket list. You will absolutely need to get your hands on a suitable ride for this one, and at the Krank Cycles bike shop we have many suitable Mountain Bike Rentals specific for this mission.

Haleakala-SunriseTo begin this adventure you will need to travel to the summit of Haleakala (10,023′ elevation). We recommend being dropped off by a friend who would likely enjoy the sunrise (also something not to miss). If you do not have a ride for drop off, you can also drive up and leave a second car at the Alii Kula Lavender Farm on Crater Road for a return lift home. Also on your checklist should be a helmet, sunscreen, and some water.

The trailhead of the Skyline Trail begins just 1.25 miles southwest of the summit (check out our map). There is a sign which reads “Skyline Trail Maui” that will send you in the right direction. The summit, down to Skyline, and over to the Mamane trail is somewhere around a 3000′ drop in elevation at just under seven miles. Mamane to Waipoli goes down another 1000′ in under two miles. Finally, Waipoli lowers 3000′ in just about 6 miles.


After you have parked your car or been dropped off near the entrance gate, you will see the initial Maui Skyline Trail. The beginning terrain is red volcanic cinder mixed with loose lava rocks and shrubs. This trail is moderately difficult, but again unmatched in terms of fun. Looking out in front, you will see views of Maui’s beautiful north and south shore.


Descending 4.7 miles down the initial trail of fast, and loose rock it is best to go at your own pace. For the more eager bike rider, going all out is a definet adrenaline spike! This part of the ride is going to be logged down as one of the best mountain bike trails of your life. At 4.7 miles can you will find yourself at the Mamane Trail. Here you stand at about 6800′ and can look forward to a flowing snake like trail for 1.2 miles before reaching Upper Waiohuli. Continuing on an additional .7 miles and you have made your way back to the Waipoli road.


Finally, to finish up this trail review we must let you know that the Skyline Trail Maui is one of our favorites. How could it not be? We encourage anyone who loves mountain biking to check this trail out. We know you will be just as satisfied as us over at Krank Cycles. Good luck, happy trails, and don’t forget to send us some pictures!