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BMC Roadmachine 03

Bike Specs
  • Daily: $45.00
  • 3-6 Days: $38.00
  • Week: $170.00

Hydroformed, triple-butted aluminum is the workhorse material of BMC. It is tough, light, and economic. It can be shaped nearly identically to carbon to get most of the same performance characteristics. That’s why BMC chose to build their Roadmachine 03 frame out of it.

Aluminum also provides another advantage to the rider. It’s easy to build not only fender mounts but rack mounts. And the material can deal with the stresses that the weight adds. You can run this bike without fenders, add a rack and run 32mm tires. You can run a rack and fenders and run 30mm tires.

Since BMC wants you to have options, they equip the bike with disc brakes. There are also hidden fender and rack mounts, hidden on the inside of the stays and fork blades, which, if utilized, protect you from road splash and gunk, but limit tire width to 30mm. The brake mounts are flatmount front and rear, for 160mm rotors. Braking is hydraulic only.

Since BMC wants the bike to work well, they designed it with 12mm thru-axles front and rear. Light, stiff, and easy to align the rotor in the caliper.
The Roadmachine platform is about speeding up endurance bikes. Adding efficiency and a faster feel to a stable bike. They kept the bottom bracket drop low at 71mm and the rear center at 420mm. It’s a bit longer than you’ll find on the carbon roachmachines, but necessary when wanting to design with 32mm tires in mind (32 should allow some cyclocross tires to fit). Trail is 63mm, also to keep stability high when riding over rough stuff.
Pedaling efficiency is also designed in. The steerer is a tapered 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” and there’s a chunky fork crown. Both these minimize lateral deflection, making steering easier and more precise. The bottom bracket juncture, built around a PF86 bottom bracket shell, is also designed to maximize lateral stiffness.

Comfort is designed in as well. The 27.2mm round seatpost allows for decent vertical compliance, as do the short, shaped seatstays which join the seat tube well below the seatpost clamp.

The brake mounts are a standard flatmount designed to work with front and rear 160mm rotors. The wheels roll on 12mm thru-axles, both front (100mm) and rear (142mm). The lever for fixing the axles is removable and can hide in an axle, your jersey pocket, or a seat bag. The thru-axle design improves stiffness, drops weight, and makes wheel changes easier.
Cable routing is internal. The brake routing is designed for hydraulic calipers only while the shifting can be mechanical, electronic, or hydraulic. If you upgrade to electronic, you’d stow the battery in the seatpost.
The BMC Roadmachine 03 squeezes under an impressive cost bar, allowing you to enjoy more of the road at a great price.

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