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Ibis RipMo

Bike Specs
  • DAILY: $119.00
  • 3-6 DAYS: $109.00
  • WEEK: $499.00
  • Skyline Excessive Wear Fee + $25
  • 2019 Xterra Worlds Oct 21-27  $119 per day 3 day min NO PRICE BREAKS
  • Xterra (Ritz) Delivery/Pick up $65
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large

The love child of a Ripley and the Mojo HD4, the all-new Ripmo is a big wheeled slasher that’s always down for another lap, whether that means a big climb or a tailgate pad. Think of it as a mashup of the Ripley’s balance and speed, coupled with the Mojo HD4’s capabilities when things get hairy.

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