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Rocky Mountain Instinct E-Bike (Large)

Bike Specs

DAILY: $159.00
3-6 DAYS: $149.00
WEEK: $749.00

  • Size: Large

Rocky Mountain we’ve ever ridden. It’s smooth and supple yet doesn’t bog down when you really want to charge down the trail. As we addressed above, the geometry is in what we would call the general consumer to fun-chaser rider category. It is snappy, lively and can handle it all very well. It excels in places where longer, slacker, more gravity-focused bikes have us bobbling or putting feet down trying to navigate tighter terrain.

The Dyname drive unit takes some getting used to and we could imagine it’s not a ride everyone would love, but we quite enjoy the interactive feel. It gives us tons of power and boost, even leaving Shimano Steps-equipped bikes once we hit that 75-85RPM powerband and has an easy to use power delivery for rock crawling efforts where others leave your tire spinning

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