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GT Sensor Carbon

Bike Specs
  • Daily: $99.00
  • 3-6 Days: $89.00
  • Week: $450.00
  • 2019 Xterra Worlds Oct 21-27  $99 per day 3 day min NO PRICE BREAKS
  • Xterra (Ritz) Delivery/Pick up $65
  • Size: Medium, Large, Extra Large

GT has a longstanding reputation for creating some of the most iconic, out-of-the-box full-suspension designs since it started making double boingers back in 1993. Some of the bikes churned out by the GT think tank were groundbreaking, while others, although reputable ideas, once turned from concept to reality, were convoluted, overly complex and a nightmare to service. Take GT’s most current mousetrap, Angle Optimized Suspension or AOS, for example. Great concept–GT really wanted a rearward axle path to get the wheel up and out of the way quickly. That’s a good idea, right? Sure, but to do that, they put the pivot way up high, which creates tons of chain growth. So to combat the negative attributes of that, they designed a floating bottom-bracket shell that would move backward with the rear axle throughout the travel. All that monkey motion, winds up being more trouble than its worth sometimes. I for one, love the way the AOS bikes ride.

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