5 Things To Consider When Renting A Bike On Maui

Renting a bike for a ride on Maui is always a terrific experience whether you’re a local or a tourist on the island. Maui is a beautiful island with a great landscape that makes riding a bike as exciting as anyone can imagine. There are so many trails, hills, mountains, routes, and off roads to get through.

But while you’re mulling over renting a bike on Maui, here are the key things you should consider:

What To Consider Before Renting A Bike On Maui

Let’s get right to it.

1. What Bike Route on Maui Are You Interested In?

Maui has some of the best bike trails on earth and you can choose anyone you want. Some of the most famous trails include the Makawao Forest Reserve. This reserve boasts of seven trails and three skills areas. You should learn more about the Makawao Forest reserve and see its map before you hit the road.

Others include the Haleakala Maui Skyline Trail, the Maui Poli Poli Redwood Trail and you can even take a shot at the Xterra Race Maui World Championships. The championships have been regularly held on Maui every November for about 20 years.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the key things to look at before renting a bike on Maui:

1. The type of bike riding you’re interested in

2. The part of town (Maui) you’d like to ride in

3. The period of time you’d like to spend on the road riding

2. What Type of Bike Is Suitable For Your Route?

A bike that is suitable for an early morning gentle riding on a park may not be suitable to beat the Maui Poli Poli Redwood trail.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of available bikes. Don’t hesitate to ask the bike rental company for the most suitable bike for your trail.

1. Cruiser Bikes

2. City Bikes

3. Road Bikes

4. Mountain Bikes

5. Hybrid Bikes

You may consider viewing various bikes available for rent on Maui, their costs, and even make a reservation.

rent a bike on Maui

3. What Bike Size Do You Need For Your Route?

Renting the right bike size on Maui makes riding easier, more comfortable, and more exciting. But if you end up with the wrong bike size, the entire ride could turn our stressful and dangerous quickly. The bike rental company can help you figure out the right bike size you need if you’re not sure what size is perfect for you.

4. Where’s The Best Place To Rent A Bike On Maui?

There are several ways to rent a bike on Maui. You can get one from a Maui bike rental shop that allows you to view the pictures of available bikes and their costs. The best part is you can even book online. You can also rent a bike from cyclists offering their bikes on ride-sharing platforms or a city-bike share program.

5. What is Maui Local Bike Laws?

The bike laws on the island of Maui doesn’t affect the type of bikes you should rent. However, you should pay attention to road signs and sidewalks. Pedestrians on the island have the right of way on a sidewalk. So, lookout for where bike lanes are provided.

You may also want to consider the various rules of the route you’ll like to explore. A search on the internet can help with relevant information.

You can start by learning about these trails and the world championships:

The Makawao Forest reserve and see its map

The Xterra Race Maui World Championships

The Maui Poli Poli Redwood Trail and

The Haleakala Maui Skyline Trail.

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