Tips Before Getting A Road Bike Rental On Maui

So you want to go biking on Maui, which is a fun way to see the island! And while going offroad is an adventure, sometimes you just want to take the easy (paved) road and enjoy the beautiful island sights. For that, it’s better if you get a road bike rental on Maui. So here are a few things to bear in mind getting that bike rental.

Know the right size

Before getting a road bike rental on Maui, you will need to know that you are renting the right size for yourself. Bike size is measured from the crank to where the seat post starts. You can also bike size charts readily online. Or better yet, ask advice from the bike shop staff on what size would be perfect for you. The Krank Maui team can help you out if you decide to get a road bike rental on Maui from us. 

Check the weather

Don’t get caught out in the rain while you’re out biking! There’s nothing worse than biking around, enjoying the beauty of Maui when suddenly the weather turns sour. But while Maui has sunny weather almost year-round, there are parts of the island where rains are frequent. So if you plan to go biking in elevated areas or forested areas, check the weather forecast.

Plan your route

There are many biking routes you can take on Maui for road bikes. Most bike shops provide a map of routes you can take, Krank Maui included. You can also ask the Krank Maui team which route would best suit you based on the difficulty of the trails and what kind of experience you want to get out of your Maui biking adventure. You best believe that our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you in making sure that you won’t regret getting a road bike rental on Maui. 

Know how to stay safe

Biking rules and regulations exist to ensure the safety of cyclists and other road users, so make sure that you know the Maui biking regulations. When getting a road bike rental on Maui, also ensure that you equip yourself with protective gear, that all the equipment works properly, and that you are alert on the road and know when to yield to traffic.

Take extra care of the bike rental

Treat the bike rental as if it was your own bike and take good care of it. Since it’s a road bike, stick to terrain ideal for it to avoid damaging it. You don’t want to pay extra fees for a damaged bike. So don’t suddenly veer offroad with a road bike. Stick to your planned routes and make sure that you’re using the road responsibly. That way, you will have a great time biking on Maui.

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Get a bike rental from Krank Maui

For stress-free biking, you should get a road bike rental on Maui. Road bikes are ideal for when you want to cruise down paved roads and enjoy the scenic views of Maui. For your road bike rental needs, head down to Krank Maui or visit our website and book a rental!