Update on Karl Hagen Case Today 4/1/15

Many Mahalo’s to everyone that came to the courthouse to support Karl’s Family and the Cause! The air was thick with anticipation in the in courtroom #4 in Maui today. The Defendant’s attorney ask if her and the prosecutor could approach the bench off record.Than the God awful hisss from the recording devices being turn off…. Hisssssssssssss…New Court date is announced, but by the look of prosecutor and attorney I speculate the next one will have a plea!!  Here is an update Robin, Karl’s wife:
Dear all,
Thank you all and the others not included on this email that attended the hearing today. Today the defendant’s attorney asked for another continuance. The prosecuting attorney told me the defendant’s lawyer said she just recently received the accident report from his DUI arrest which occurred sometime between the time he killed Karl and the end of 2014 and she needed to review that before they agreed to the plea offer or countered with their own, or decided to ask to go to trial. The prosecuting attorney is of the opinion that they will agree to the plea offer, but you never know. The next hearing date will be April 15th at 8:00 a.m. If he agrees to the plea offer before that date the prosecuting attorney will let me know. If that is the case or if he changes his plea at the next hearing, then that hearing on the 15th will be a “change of plea hearing”  where he would plead guilty to the charges and say he is accepting the plea offer and waiving his right to a trial. If that is what he does, at the 15th hearing, at that time the judge would most likely set a date for the sentencing hearing.

If I hear anything before April 15th I will send out a note. If not, I will send something out on the 15th. You all have been amazing and I really do appreciate it.

All my best,

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