Maui Poli Poli Kula Forest Reserve trails are an unforgettable experience


Maui Poli Poli Redwood Trail


The trails at Maui Poli Poli Springs State Recreation Area offer a little bit of everything from towering 200-foot Redwood trees to technical boulder-strewn single track as well as double track. Don’t do this mountain bike-only/off-road ride when it’s wet because you probably won’t make it to the trailhead’s parking area. It’s a 4-mile drive on a gnarly dirt road, after the pavement ends, to get to get to the trailhead. The trails open to bicycles at Maui Poli Poli Springs State Recreation Area.

The Kula Forest Reserve includes the Redwood Trail and the Boundary Trail. Remember: the trail lengths might not seem long, but elevation, terrain, and weather all are factors in how difficult riding at Maui Poli Poli can be. Also note, that weather at Maui Poli Poli is often clear in the morning, but by 10 a.m. clouds roll and the trails can become cloud covered. We find that taking a full day to really explore this park, and all of its secret trails is the best way to do it. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and a snack!

The Redwood Trail begins at 6,200-foot elevation and winds through stands of redwood trees, which were planted in the 1930s, and then drops down to 5,300-foot elevation at the old ranger’s cabin. Along the 1.7-mile Redwood Trail there is a junction with the Tie Trail and at the end of the Redwood Trail—the trail ends at an old Civilian Conservation Corps camp—there is an intersection with the Boundary Trail and Plum Trail.

Several plum and other fruit trees can be found in this old camp area around Poli Poli. The Boundary Trail is open to bicycles, the Plum trail is not. Along the way you will come across old hunter shacks that are decomposing from the weather conditions during the winter time in Kula. Checking out these little hut’s is a great way to catch your breath from a sick downhill line.

The Boundary Trail is a 4.4 mile trail with a 1,220-foot elevation change. The trail traverses through switchbacks, stands of eucalyptus, and other conifer trees. This section of PoliPoli will take you for a bit of a ride. There are quite a few gulches and steep paths. Some astonishing views of both Kula and the Central Maui Valley can be seen along this trail. Taking a break every half hour to explore a bit will leave you feeling less guilty on the drive home. To finish on the end of the trail, take Waipoli Road back up to the parking area.