Are you a New Cyclist?

When you are a beginner or novice in any kind of sport, the learning curve could be steep. There are usually various tools that could help you progress faster. When the topic is cycling, the very first thing that is important is a bike. Often when selecting a bike, your budget will decide exactly what you will purchase. With a low budget of a few hundred dollars, a simple road bike made of metal will get you started.

Choose the Best Bike for a Novice Skill Level Rider

If you plan on pursuing this sport more seriously, spending a small amount on an aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber bike might be worthwhile. When you purchase a road bike, you have to be patient when learning, many need to learn specifically how to ride a road. This could mean feeling brand new again. While you may never forget to ride a bike, riding a road bike may be a bit different and needs some time for you to adjust.


Join Cycling Group or Club

If you want to do extremely well at cycling and get the most of it, join a cycling group. You can also ask your local cycling store if there is a club or association that meets on a daily basis. These clubs could be a remarkable way to encourage you while connecting with people who have been in this sport for many years. They will often have insights on technique and tools and could be a great help to beginners who take up bike riding.

Know the Appropriate Gear to Use

Another tip for novice cyclists is to know the right gear to use. The right tool for the right job as we like to say up here in Makawao. The bicycle industry is huge, and that calls for various levels of quality. What we try to do is search out the best quality bike products at a price local people can afford. We all know with the insanely high cost of living on Maui, it could be hard to potentially buy that bike we have always wanted. We make it a point to try and have something quality for everyone. Utilizing the bike & gear effectively will greatly enhance your riding experience. It will make riding easier and increase the distance that could be traveled.image

Replace your Helmet

Although you have never had an accident, you need to replace your helmet. Your helmet does get worn out. A lot of manufacturers suggest replacing it after about 7 years, but it can be sooner when you are an avid cyclist. Different factors like cracks, sun exposure and loss form of the foam are all points to be considered.

Grease is the Best

Use grease instead of oil on your chain. This is significantly true for mountain bikes where you ride through lots of mud. The grease will last longer than oil. You can also mount Crud Claw onto your cassette as this helps scrap the mud out of the gears. You can also spray WD-40 or Pam to stop the mud from building up on your bike.

Keep Hydrated

One last tip for a novice rider is to keep your body hydrated when riding. Sometimes, if your body is in need of water, you might not feel thirsty. While cycling, ensure to drink lots of water. This will enhance your performance and will keep you healthy. For long rides, bring an extra bottle of frozen water. By the time you get done with the first bottle, the second frozen bottle will be ready to drink and still cold. This will keep you hydrated and fresh!



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