5 Key Things To Consider Before Choosing Bike Rentals In Hawaii

Bike rentals in Hawaii are your best bet to get any kind of bike you need on our islands. And exploring Hawaii on a bike can be one of the most memorable experiences!

But before choosing any bike rentals in Hawaii, it’s important to understand precisely what to look out for!

Important tips for bike rentals in Hawaii

Here are a few quick considerations to ensure your next bike rental experience in Hawaii is a good one:

Know your routes

Before hopping on your bike for your next ride make sure you know precisely where you’re headed. A quick Google search can show lots of route options on any island in Hawaii. Even if you’re yet to make up your mind on the precise location, make sure you have a crystal-clear idea of the following:

  • How long do you want to be out riding?
  • What part of town are you headed to?
  • What type of riding do you want to do?

Making up your mind about these things can make it easier for you to choose the right bike rentals in Hawaii. More so, you’ll be able to choose the right bike rental period.

Bike Rentals In Hawaii

What type of rental bike is suitable for your ride?

You need the right bike for whatever route or terrain you’re considering. The beautiful bikes you around town or at the park may not be the right fit for riding on mountain tops or rough patches. Before choosing any bike rentals in Hawaii, take a quick look at these common bike types:

  • Cruiser bikes – best for flat rides around town or on a beach boardwalk.
  • City bikes – best for day-to-day use around towns
  • Road bikes – these bikes are best for speed on smooth surfaces
  • Mountain bikes – these bikes are best for off-roading and rugged adventures
  • Hybrid bikes – these bikes are a combination of road biked and mountain bikes but not so good enough for trails that mountain bikes can handle.

Most bike rental shops in Hawaii can provide all kinds of bikes. It’s up to you to choose the right one or just tell them where you’re headed and ask for the perfect bike for the trip.

What bike size do you need?

If you end up with the wrong bike size, the entire ride may be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Thankfully, if you choose a bike rental service like Krank Maui, we can help you choose the right bike size if you can’t figure out the right size you need.

Understand bike laws

Understanding bike laws before choosing bike rentals in Hawaii is key. You shouldn’t end up on the wrong side of the law just for having fun. Hawaii bike laws are similar to other parts of the country. The following are common Hawaii bike laws:

  • Use bicycle lane when available
  • Ride on the right side of the road
  • Use hand signals appropriately
  • Ride with traffic

You can simply search for Hawaii bike laws on the internet to learn more.

Choose top-quality bike rentals in Hawaii

You’ll find several top-quality bike rentals in Hawaii including Krank Maui’s selection! You can rent all kinds of bikes from our bike shop on Maui. In addition, we offer several other bike-related services including repairs, maintenance, servicing, and so on.

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