Mahalo to all those who participated in the Maui YMCA Kids Triathlon!

IMG_1801Maui Family YMCA Healthy Kids Day!

What a fun time we had with this event and how proud we are at Krank Cycles Maui Bike Shop to help sponsor this Maui bike event for our youth. The day started with the Fun Run and 5k run. It was so cool to see some well trained kid Triathletes talking about how the 5k run is barely a warm up for their skill level.


IMG_1736After the 5k Run, kids started to bring out their mountain bikes to our bike shop tent for some last minute courtesy repairs and a safety check.  Man you should have seen the array of bike styles and quality of mountain bikes that came through the tent. We had to get innovative and MacGyver like to make these bicycles safe and rideable. Luckily,
we brought some of our Maui Mountain Bike Rentals along with us and we lent them out free of charge. I am proud to say everyone that entered the race had a safe kids bike to ride that day.
Later at the swimming pool the announcer was calling different athlete names and lining them up in there starting lanes.

Yes, the air was thick with anticipation, adrenaline, and there was something very special that you will never see at an adult event…The playfulness, the pure joy from the innocence of youth. There was no ego, no negative condescending psych outs. Just kids being kids..Unreal!! It was nice to pause from the gamut of this me,me,me, I got to get mine in the world, and watch these little humans experience something new and special.

And their OFF like a frantic fish pile in a feeding frenzy, the water in the pool churned like the hot tub at spring break at the Grand Wailea. Beautiful! After 3 laps they would run a 200 yard transition to their bikes. Off they would go for 2 laps around the Keopuolani Park. The Leader did 3 laps and said he needed the extra, too funny! To end the triathlon was of course the run. As the IMG_1738athIMG_1741letes came in to the finish line they were greeted by a colorful tunnel of ballons and screaming parents and friends. Good times!!

Krank Cycles Maui Bike Shop Would like to extend some extra Mahalo’s to Jason Justice and the ALL the volunteers of the Maui YMCA!!


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