Maui Bike Trail & Road Condition Report

Tuesday 8/15/17 we haven’t done this in a while! Makawao Forest is super awesome!  We got a bunch of new mountain bike rentals. The Cannondale Trigger, and Jeykell are the newest! Also check out the new BMC Roadmachines on hand!

5/9/17 Maui Mountain Bike Trail Report…
Poli Poli is good but socked in with clouds…Makawao Forest Reserve os wet but West Loop Trail is just rideable..
Don’t forget we have Maui’s best Road bike rentals and Mountain Bike Rentals. Why because we are here and not down there..We sit 10 minutes from all the best Maui mountain bike single track trails on the island. Our service technicians are up to date on all new products and service procedures.

4/4/17 Maui Mountain Bike. Trail Report Love it it has been the best run of weather we have had in our past foggy wet memory. All trails are riding good! They are actually are getting dusty! Don’t forget we have great Maui Mountain Bike Rentals..

3/30/17 Maui Mountain Bike Report

With the constant great weather all Mountain Bike trails on Maui are riding super… Skyline Trail Maui, Mamane trail maui, Pineapple Express Trail Maui are all included in that superness!

3/20/17  Mountain Bike Trail Report.                          Oh how we love to shred trails! Makawao Forest Reserve is riding well. Pineapple Express what is our flow trail still has some slick spots. Skyline Trail Maui is pinning right now which feeds into Mamane trail which is in Poli Poli State Park.

3/13/17 Maui Mountain Bike Trail Report. Oh what a glorious day it is! Makawao Forest Reserve which is part of the Kahakapau Recreational Area  which has the Pineapple Express is riding awesome! Skyline Trail Maui, Mamane Trail in Poli Poli State Park aka Kula Forest Reserve has not been better all year!

3/5/17 Maui Trail Report
Makawao Forest Reserve is riding good today the Berms on Pineapple Express Trail and Revine Trail.
Skyline Trail Maui is riding super fast as the last rain packed everything in.

3/4/16 oh what a day! Skyline Trail Maui is ripping. The newly hand built 3.5 miles of upper Waihuli Trail is ripping fun and surprisingly flowy. Makawao Forest Reserve is a little mucky.. Pineapple Express is shit.. West Loop is the call today.

2/26/17 Trail report Skyline Trail Maui, Poli Poli, Mamane Trail in the Kula Forest Reserve are stellar! Many Mahalo’s to the MMBC Maui Mountain Biking Coalition for the organ axiom the single track trail building camping event this weekend! Makawao Forest Reserve is the best it gets! Railing!

2/4/17 Makawao Forest Reserve is riding settler today! There are a few trees down on Pineapple Express Griffen had a blast! Invest in our future and take a grom for a ride. Plus today will prob be the last good day for a while..

1/12/17 #makawaoforestreserve is railing! Kia and his new 27.5 plus bike. I love getting the youth out and ripping! Always nice to get out of self and #giveback. Skyline trial Maui is all time!

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